About Creative Co-op


Founded September 17, 2012, Creative Co-op is rooted in The University of Alabama’s arts advocacy organization Creative Campus and has since gained its own legs as a separate student organization. Creative Co-op’s goal is to provide student artists and crafters with opportunities to connect with potential buyers while learning how to market themselves to a community. Together, members plan shows, sales, and lectures in order to build experience while students are still in college. Our website is like a virtual portfolio for all of our participating artists and a calendar for anyone who wants to participate in our events. Check out our Past Events page to get a better idea of what kind of events we plan. Want to be a member? Fill out a request for membership here.


“Trying to make money from art is kind of nerve-racking for me, but there is something in knowing you are not alone in this group which made it so much easier for me to put myself out there. I feel as though I got my feet wet when it comes to displaying and selling art, and I feel confident that I could go out into the world and do it on my own.”     -Kayla Huguley, graduated Spring 2013